About China Tour Hub - China Tour Operator

TeamChinatourhub.com (in affiliation with Guilin Overseas Tourist Corporation) provides a one-stop solution for your travel plan to China. Once you send your first inquiry to us, our travel specialists will be in touch within 12 hours and begin to unfold you a wonderful travel experience to the ancient Middle Kingdom.

China is a perfect long or short holiday destination. From walking on the ever-famous Great Wall to visiting small towns where foreigners have only ever been seen a few times to even practicing Tai Chi with local Chinese, Chinatourhub has a tour for you. Chinatourhub prides itself on our customers experiencing the real China. A tour with us is not just sitting in a bus viewing sights. It is meeting with the locals, hands on cultural experiences such as cooking, martial arts, painting and home visits, it's about experiencing China's rich culture first hand.

Our TeamChinatourhub is also dedicated to delivering value for money tours, which reflect the interests of our client's requests and needs. Chinatourhub is strongly backed up by our group of China tour experts all of whom have close intimacy within Chinese culture and at least 10 years working experience in the international travel business. We also have a sister website at www.easytourchina.com to deliver comprehensive services to all the tourists to China. Guilin Overseas Tourist Corporation is a state-registered tour company (License No: L-GX00149) with a deposit of CNY600, 000(approx. USD$72,290) in China Tourism Administration to protect the benefits of tourists.

As the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius said more than 2,400 years ago, "It's a pleasure to have friends coming from afar". We look forward to you, or friends, joining us in the near future.