CTH-129: 12-day eco tour to Guizhou and Guangxi

  • Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge
  • Chengyang Wind & Rain Bridge
  • Lady Making Batic, Guizhou
  • Girl at Tianlong Old Village, Guizhou
  • Dancing with Miao Girls at Jidao Village
  • Rice Terraces and Yao village at Longji, Guilin
  • Tour code: CTH-129
  • Tour Type: Adventure,Climbing/Mountaineering,Minority,Photography
  • Destinations: Guiyang - Anshun - Kaili - Zhaoxing - Sanjiang - Longji - Guilin - Yangshuo
  • Tour overview: This eco-program leads you into the fascinating and unique Guizhou and Guangxi province. In these mountainous and rural areas, travelers can see the well-preserved varied customs in different minority villages, with beautiful and special architectures, fun activities, rice terraces, clothes and ornaments along the way!


1. Admire the largest and highest waterfall in China
2. enjoy the ancient ground opera in Tianlong ancient village
3. witness the traditional way of making batik in gejia people's village
4. drink the local wine with friendly people at Miao village and see their unique hairstyle and beautiful fabric costume
5. Stroll at the Dong people's village and enjoy local dishes
6. Stun at the exquisitely wooden-made wind and rain bridge at Chengyang
7. Hiking on the gorgeous rice terraces and explore the Zhuang minority villages there
8. Stay at the local guest house when visit the minority villages
9. Take a relaxed cruise down to Yangshuo and explore the countryside views on bike

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