CTH-118: 13-day Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour to China

  • Sleeping Buddha at Jade Buddha Temple
  • Sleeping Buddha at Jade Buddha Temple
  • Hanging Temple at Datong
  • Dragon on Nine Dragon Wall Datong
  • Buddha in Longmen Cave Luoyang
  • White Pogada on Wutai Mountain
  • Tour code: CTH-118
  • Tour Type: Religious
  • Destinations: Beijing - Datong - Wutai Mountain - Taiyuan - Pingyao - Xian - Shanghai
  • Tour overview: This 13-day Buddhist Pilgrimage takes travelers on a discovery journey in China, to visit the Buddhism sites scattered in the vast land. Follow with us and enjoy the amazing and mysterious grottoes, mountains, temples & Pagodas in scared places!


1. Visit the famed Tibetan monastery in Beijing - Yonghe Lamasery.
2. Hiking the Great wall and have a leisure rickshaw tours in Hutongs
3. See the Buddhism wonders - Yungang caves in Datong and climbing up to the temple on cliff
4. Freely explore the Buddhist sites on Mountain Wutai
5. Watch the wild goose pagoda which memorize the traveling monk Xuanzang
6. Stun at the marvelous terracotta army
7. Go to the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai to see the jade-carved huge status of Buddha
8. Stroll at the water town Zhujiajiao

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