CTH-123: 19-day China Odyssey Tour for Muslims

  • muslim people
  • muslim people
  • Picking Grape in Grape Valley Turpan
  • Huangpu River Cruise
  • Heavenly Lake
  • Yulong River Guilin
  • Tour code: CTH-123
  • Tour Type: Religious
  • Destinations: Beijing - Urumqi - Turpan - Lanzhou - Linxia - Yinchuan - Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guangzhou - Shanghai
  • Tour overview: Taking this trip to see the Muslims areas and sites in China and reward yourself to an exotic and enriching experience! You will get an in-depth understanding about the life, conditions, culture and progress of Islamic. The tour will showcase the fancy facts along the ancient Silk Road, as well as the fascinating culture of Hui & Uyghur peoples.


1. Visit the Islamic Mosque and Muslim Mansion in Wangfujing and hiking up one section of legendary Great wall
2. Admire the beautiful heavenly lake and stroll at the Tartar Mosque
3. Attend the big bazaar and taste the delicious grape at Turpan
4. See the unique dances and singings of Uyghur people
5. Witness how Muslims live and their daily life by visit Linxia
6. Go to a Muslim college where people integrated Chinese and Islamic culture
7. Visit several Islamic mosques and admire the magnificent & colorful buildings
8. Stroll at the Muslim temples in bustling Guangzhou & Shanghai

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