CTH-124: 16-day China Jewish Heritage Tour

  • Jewish Site Shanghai
  • Jewish Site Shanghai
  • Lijiang Morning Views Guilin
  • jewish mosque Kaifeng
  • Jewish Building in Harbin
  • Yangshuo Bike Riding
  • Tour code: CTH-124
  • Tour Type: Religious
  • Destinations: Beijing - Harbin - Zhengzhou - Kaifeng - Dengfeng - Luoyang - Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai
  • Tour overview: Discover the Jewish history in China by taking this heritage tour! A unique trip presents the jewish cultural legacy in Chiani and discover the century-long relationship between the two ancient cultures. Come to Harbin, Kaifeng, Luoyang & Shanghai, this trip offers unforgettable experience by combing the stunning sites in Beijing, Xian & Guilin!


1. Hiking the legendary Great wall and taking a rickshaw tours into ancient Hutong
2. Go to the Jewish community and Cemetery in Harbin
3. Visit the once-established Jewish Community like the site of Jewish High School, bank and hospital in Zhengzhou
4. Fly to Kaifeng to see the ancient resident houses and cemetery of Jewish people
5. Enjoy the fabulous Kungfu performance in the cradle of Chinese martial art - Shaolin temple
6. Stun at the marvelous Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses
7. Taking a relaxed cruise down to Yangshuo and explore the amazing countryside by bike
8. Visit Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum and the Jewish community

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