Bike in China

When in China, do as Chinese people do: cycling. Bicycles in China are ingrained in every day life, are an important means of transportation and are visible everywhere. Also in the big cities cycles dominate streets although more and more cars and highways are being built.

Bikes are seen in almost every village, town or city, except Chongqing - a city built on steep slopes of mountains. Bikes are so essential in people's life that it is so weird if you don't know how to ride a bike. Roads are swarmed with hundreds and thousands of bikes in rush hours of going on and off work. People have to be very skillful of riding bikes in order that he or she can struggle to move forward in such a crowd. In some remote regions where only bikes are able to enter, people are very good at the technique of carrying as much goods as possible when they go downtown faraway, for example, you may catch an amazing sight that one bike carries nearly ten piglets!

Tips for biking in China

Theft - the No. 1 enemy of your bicycle in the city.

Tips for biking in ChinaAlmost every family in China has the same bad experience of losing their bikes somewhere. To find a parking place to have someone look after your bike is important, and don't forget to lock it, even 2 locks if it is your beloved bike!

Check and ride on it before you depart.

The quality of Chinese bikes has been well-improved. The bikes still may get broken on the way due to the road conditions or negligence of the bike owner. Then you need to go to the bike repair stands in the streets. If you are new here, you may avoid it in advance.

Feel free to ring your bike bell or even yell if needed, otherwise, you are ignored by others in the street. In China, this is not regarded as impolite behavior, on the other hand, it is efficient measure to survive and elbow your way to go ahead in the sea of people, bikes and other vehicles.