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China Southern Airlines (Code: CZ)

China Southern Airlines Company Limited (i.e. the Company) together with its subsidiaries (collectively, the Group) is one of the three largest airlines in China.

Throughout 2004 the Group continues to rank first among all Chinese airlines in terms of volume of passenger traffic, number of scheduled flights per week, number of hours flown, number of routes and size of aircraft fleet.

Currently, the Group operates more than 320 routes: 260 are domestic, 39 international and 20 Hong Kong routes.

The Group operates the most extensive domestic route network of all Chinese airlines with an average of 2,900 scheduled flights per week serving more than 85 destinations, including 65 cities in China such as Changsha, Chengdu, Beijing, Guangzhou, Sanya, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xiamen, X'ian and Zhengzhou.

China Southern Airlines also offers service to key International destinations, including: Amsterdam, Bangkok, Fukuoka, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Manila, Melbourne, Osaka, Paris, Penang, Phnom Penh, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo,

The majority of the cities served by the Group are located in major metropolitan and commercial centers as well as rapidly developing regions through China. Worldwide headquarters is located in Guangzhou - the gateway city to Southern China. Based at the all-new Baiyun International Airport and located in the rapidly developing Pearl River Delta region, Guangzhou serves as the #1 transportation hub of Southern China.

The Group operates a fleet of more than 200 aircraft, consisting of more than 90 Boeing aircraft, including: 737-200; 737-300; 737-500; 737-700; 737-800; 747-400; 757-200 and 777-200 ... as well as Airbus A320-200 and A319 series aircraft.

The average age of the aircrafts is 6.5 years.