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China Train Travel

China's first railway, the Songhu Line, was built in 1874 in Shanghai, symbolizing the beginning of modern transportation in China. By the end of 2003, total length of China's railway has reached 73,000 kilometers ranking the first place in Asia (the third in the world).

ome people said that train travel in China is kind of adventure. It is probably right in some extent, while Chinese trains have seen great improvements in terms of comfort and sanitation after adopting the new-model passenger cars in late 1990's. We believe more and more international tourists will like to choose train travel in China, as it is a real grass-roots experience for foreigners to roam around the vast country.

Chinese trains have 4 classes: "Hard seat", "Soft seat". "Hard sleeper" and "Soft sleeper".

Hard Seat - this is the most common and cheapest way to travel. There are 110 seats in each car. The greatest numbers of Chinese travelers use this class due to its low cost. Sometimes more tickets than seats are sold. This class is not comfortable and recommended to international tourists.

Soft Seat - it is only available on some short-distance trains between major cities, but it is a better way. Usually it is much easier to reserve a seat. The seats are comfortable, and the trip can be pleasant and interesting with much less crowd.

Hard Sleeper – an option for basic requirement of a berth to sleep on long-distance train. There are 66 beds in one car with 11 open compartments (without doors), arranged in bays of 6 (upper, middle and lower) on one side of the aisle, with pairs of seats on the other side of the aisle for daytime use. A blanket and pillow is supplied, while the mattress is a bit hard. Some hard sleeper cars are not that clean and noisy.

Soft Sleeper – Most long-distance trains have only one soft sleeper car, which has 9 comfortable 4-berth compartments with full bedding provided. You can lock the door before going to sleep. Besides, passengers are offered slippers, teacups, free tea bag, and a thermos bottle with hot water, even soap and a toothbrush. Very few trains in China have deluxe soft sleeper class, which has eight 2-berth compartments with private toilet inside, but the cost is quite high.

Chinatourhub.com train tour features:

   1. Most train rides are less than 15hrs;
   2. All our train rides are with new cars with much improved facilities;
   3. Pictures of the vast countryside of China;
   4. Platform to Platform see-off and greeting services (our guides will take you to the car and say good-bye; while after arrival at a new destination you will be greeted at platform)

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