By the end of 2004, the highways in China have reached a total mileage of 1.87 million kilometers, 60,800 km more compared with the previous year. In 10th five-year plan, Chinese government attached great importance to building the expressways and highways to form a national road network. At the end of 2005, the mileage of expressway reached more than 40,000km, ranking the second place in the world. Up to now, there are totally 16 provinces with more than 1000km-long expressways.

On the other hand, the passenger bus/coach industry has seen a dramatic change in the past few decades. More and more world famous automobile giants like Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MAN flocked into this largest potential market to set up joint ventures with their Chinese colleagues. Competing with these international companies, Chinese companies made their own way to develop some popular brands like Yutong, King Long. Coach travel on the expressway and national highway is quite comfortable, safe and speedy, especially in the north and east of China, where the land is flat, and an efficient road network has been established.