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Shenzhen Airlines (Code: ZH)

Headquartered in Shenzhen - the neighboring city of Hong Kong at Mainland China side, Shenzhen Airline was born in November 1992, and put into operation in September 1993.

At present, Shenzhen Airline has an employment of 5100, and owns 32 Boeing 737 and 1 Airbus A320. In more than 40 cities has its local office running 80 domestic and international air routes.

Guided by the Enterprise motto "Serve the people, contribute to the society", the company did everything to improve its services, like "one hour ticket delivery", reservation hotline "96737", the first airlines in China offering e-tickets, etc.

In January 2005, the company opened Shenzhen/Kuala Lumpur air route, the first time to expand the business broad, marking a new milestone in its history. 5 new-model planes were imported at the same year, and 400 new employees graduated from universities and colleges were hired...

Based in the Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen Airline is on the right track to a greater success.