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Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport (SZX) is situated on a coastal plain at the east bank of Pearl River Delta Area, with the total area of 1,000 sq.meter. The grade of the airspace is 4E. With an extensive airfield area and excellent airspace conditions, the airport is 24 hour operational in accordance with the standard of large international airports and is suitable for the landing and taking off of jumbo aircraft for both passengers and cargo. The total area of airfield is 0.588 million sq.meter, and the total area of waiting hall reaches 0.146 million sq.meter. It can meet the need of annual passenger throughput of 15 million and annual cargo disposal of 0.7 million ton.

Opened to navigation on October 12th 1991, Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is the first modern international transportation hub that combines air, road and sea transportation in a single airport in China. It enjoys convenient surface transportation facilities that provide excellent transfer capacity. It is close to No.107 National Highway and Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway that link Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Guangzhou. The airport authorities also own Fuyong Ferry Terminal, which is able to accommodate thousand-ton cargo and passenger ships to and from Hong Kong. Opening 107 flights which provide 80 access to and from both domestic and overseas cities, Shenzhen Airport turned into an international airport on May 16th, 1993, and became the fourth largest airport in China in 1996.The airport witnessed the pomp of passenger throughput which broke through 10 million in 2003. From ACT statistics, the passenger transport capacity of Shenzhen airport was ranked 81st in the world, and the freight capacity was placed 37th. It has acquired its place in the world's 100 most influential airports in 2004.

Established in May 1989, Shenzhen Airport Co. Ltd mainly takes charge of the operation, management and construction of Shenzhen airport. Having completed the collectivized innovation in May 1994, the company came into the market with the title of Shenzhen Airport Stock-joint Co. Ltd. in April 1998. After changing its name into Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co. Ltd; the stock of "Shenzhen Airport" was registered at Shenzhen Stock Market on April 20th, 1998. At present, Ads, Land-transport and Property Management are also included in the main business besides Air Assurance. At the end of 2004, total capital of the Group is RMB6.4 billion, net assets of RMB4.2 billion and stated net assets RMB2.98 billion.

Located in the Pearl River Delta, the most developed area in China, SZX is rich in passenger and cargo resources and advanced in both hardware and software. With the long-term developing strategy, SZX is devoted to building modernized and internationalized aviation city and providing better service for customers and the public with "Safety, Schedule, Service" as its guideline.

For more airport info, please visit its website at http://www.szairport.com/index_e.asp