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Urumqi International Airport

16km northwest of the city, Urumqi International Airport was first built in 1939. In the past few decades the airport has been expanded several times, especially in late 1990's, the Government invested RMB1.95 billion (US$245million) to redevelop the airport to meet ever-growing needs. Until 2001 the entire project was finished, Urumqi Airport has become one of the most important airports in Northwest of China.

Up to now, Urumqi International Airport has become an air hub in West China, which can handle 4.05 millions passengers annually, and 41,350 tons of cargo per year. It opened 113 air routes including 99 domestic ones, and 14 international. These flights cover more than 60 cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Moscow, etc.

Urumqi International Airport Telephone Number: +86-991-3801453.