Chengde, as an 18th century imperial resort area of the Qing Dynasty, is now a city of scenic and historical interest with a special and rational layout. It boasts elegant Chengde Mountain Resort, the grand "Eight Outer Temple" and the strange hills and crags. It is an ideal place for sightseeing, hunting, as well as escaping the summer heat.

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  • CE-001: 2-Day Chengde Tour Package

    Putuo Zongcheng Temple,Chengde

    Tour code: CE-001
    Places visited: Chengde
    Tour overview: This 2-day Chengde tour takes you to the Qing Dynasty's Summer Palace – Chengde Mountain Resort. Wa... Details

  • CE-002: 3-Day Chengde Tour Package

    Dragon Gate,Kuixing Building,Chengde

    Tour code: CE-002
    Places visited: Chengde
    Tour overview: The well-designed Chengde tour features cultural, historical and natural highlights in and around Ch... Details

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