Guilin - Famed for its charming landscape including verdant mountain, unique karst rockeries, crystal water, various caves and pleasant climate. Picturesque Li River winding through the city with peaks mushroomed inside the city, makes Guilin a popular city for sightseeing.

Spring is the best season to enjoy the best of Guilin. We offered full package tours, short trips or day trips, Guilin transfer service, hotel or ticket booking and Guilin customizing Tours. If you have more time, just extend your tours to Longsheng, Yangshuo and Sanjiang for more stunning scenery and culture.

  • GL-001: 3-Day Essential Guilin Tour

    Li River Cruise,Guilin

    Tour code: GL-001
    Places visited: Guilin
    Tour overview: A sightseeing tour in Guilin to view the enchanting scenery in the karst paradise. Take some great p... Details

  • GL-002: 4-Day Guilin Tour Package

    Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River,Guilin

    Tour code: GL-002
    Places visited: Guilin - Yangshuo - Gulin
    Tour overview: Just as a saying goes: "Guilin's scenery is the best in the world", the 4-day tour would be impressi... Details

  • GL-003: 5-Day Guilin Tour Package

    Yangshuo Scenery,Guilin

    Tour code: GL-003
    Places visited: Guilin - Longji Ping'an Village - Yangshuo
    Tour overview: this 5-day tour will show you the most enchanting karst landscapes in the world, which includes the ... Details

  • GL-004: 6-Day Guilin Tour Package

    Longji Rice Terraces,Guilin

    Tour code: GL-004
    Places visited: Guilin - Yangshuo - Longji
    Tour overview: This 6-day tour will offer you the most beautiful landscape of Guilin and Yangshuo - the fantastic s... Details

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