For most foreigners, the big attraction of Inner Mongolia is the chance to view the grasslands, perhaps ride horses and experience the Mongolian way of life. Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia, is a beautiful city with distinctive ethnic features, brilliant folk customs and modern development. It is rich in famous and interesting historical sites, such as Dazhao Lamasery, Zhaojun's Tomb and Five-Pagoda Temple and so on. Besides, ride on horseback and you would enjoy the breathtaking scenery of grasslands and Gobi desert.

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  • HT-001: 4-Day Hohhot Tour Package

    Gegentala Grassland,Hohhot

    Tour code: HT-001
    Places visited: Hohhot
    Tour overview: This 4-day Hohhot tour combines the natural & historical sites to offer a pleasant experience;... Details

  • HT-002: 5-Day Hohhot Tour Package

    Ordos Sounding Sand Desert, Hohhot

    Tour code: HT-002
    Places visited: Hohhot - Hohhot – Ordos - Ordos – Hohhot
    Tour overview: This 5-day sighseeing trip presents all highlights in and around Hohhot - the fantastic natural scen... Details

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