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Hongkong, an extraordinary, complex territory blends the traditional China and western culture. It means different things to different people. For some it is simple dazzling, with the view of sky-scrappered harbor the most stunning urban panoramas flush neon rainbows at night. For some it is a paradise lined with busy streets and myriad malls one can indulge in shopping. But these are not all that Hong Kong offers. There are still a surprising number of inviting beaches, rewarding hiking trails and some beautiful countryside scenery.

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Tourist Attractions of Hong Kong

  • Lantau Big Buddha

    The Buddha of Sakyamuni; with a total 34 meters high and 250 tons weight, it's known as "the world's biggest copper Buddhist statues". For his benign countenance and solemn manner, it seems that the Buddha is silently blessing the peo

  • Man Mo Temple

    Built in 1848, it’s the oldest and most famous temple in Hong Kong. It represents a compromise combination of Buddhism and Taoism. Though renovated many times, the temple still remains its original appearance.

  • Hong Kong Disneyland

    The world's fifth Disneyland; Surrounded by mountains, it is a theme park combining other fourth Disneyland's features. It includes four thematic areas: Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland.

  • Hong Kong Ocean Park

    A tourists' favorite place for its perfect combination of science, tourism and entertainment; in the Southeast Asia's largest oceanarium and theme park, you can see the full open-air playground, dolphin shows and high-rise Ocean Park Tower et

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