HS-002: 3 Nights 4 Days Huangshan Tour

  • Yellow Mountain,Huangshan
  • Yellow Mountain,Huangshan
  • Pinetree on Yellow Mountain
  • Sea of Clouds on Yellow Mountain
  • Tunxi old Street,Huangshan
  • Tangyue Memorial Archways,Huangshan
  • Tour code: HS-002
  • Tour Type: City Tours
  • Destinations: Huangshan
  • Tour overview: This 4-day hiking tours in Mountain Huangshan exposes the travelers from natural wonders, unique climbing experience and traditional cultural sites.


1.  Explore the tunxi ancient street which lined with traditional buildings and featured local craftworks and specialties

2.  Conquer the mt.huangshan at get up early for spectacular sun rise

3.  Admire the magnificent archway in She county

Tour Date City Tour Brief
1 Huangshan N/A
2 Huangshan Yellow Mountain
3 Huangshan Tunxi old Street
4 Huangshan Tangyue Memorial Archways

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