KM-002: 4-Day Kunming Tour

  • Stone Forest,Kunming
  • Stone Forest,Kunming
  • Western Hill,Kunming
  • Dragon Gate,Kunming
  • Dianchi Lake,Kunming
  • Golden Temple,Kunming
  • Tour code: KM-002
  • Tour Type: City Tours
  • Destinations: Kunming
  • Tour overview: Enjoy a delightful and worry-free tour with all highlights in and around Kunming. Watch the unique Karst wonder in stone forest; admire the picturesque scenery and ancient temples at Western Hill; experience local ethnic custom in Sani minority‚Ķ


1. Visit the Stone Forest for the unique aesthetic peaks, grotesque rocks, strange caves, flying-down cascades, mountain lakes and ethnic culture and custom.

2. Climb the Western Hills for lush green scenery, ancient Buddhism and Taoism sites.

3. Have a panoramic view of the Dianchi Lake at the Dragon Gate.

Tour Date City Tour Brief
1 Kunming N/A
2 Kunming Stone Forest, Sani Minority Village
3 Kunming Western Hill and Dragon Gate, Dianchi Lake, Kunming Golden Temple
4 Kunming Service ends.

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