LJ-001: 3-Day Lijiang Tour Package

  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,Lijiang City
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,Lijiang City
  • Shuhe Old Town,Lijiang City
  • Mu Family Mansion,Lijiang City
  • Black Dragon Pool,Lijiang City
  • Dongba Culture Museum,Lijiang City
  • Tour code: LJ-001
  • Tour Type: City Tours
  • Destinations: Lijiang
  • Tour overview: The well-designed 3-day tour fully presents the unique charm of Lijiang, from the natural scenery of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, historical attractions - Lijiang Old Town, to Dongba Culture Museum.


1. Cable car journey up to the cloud-caped jade Snow Mountain to see the stunning scenery.

2. Look around the less touristy Shuhe Old Town – one of the earliest settlements of Naxi people - with more original characters.

3. Wander about Lijiang Old town and give a glimpse into Naxi culture and history.

4. View the picturesque scenery of Black Dragon Pond, with the enchanting backdrop of Jade Snow Mountain in the distance.

5. Tour to Mu Family Mansion, for its spectacular buildings from different dynasties or exquisite Naxi-style handicrafts.

6. Visit Dongba Culture Museum – the witness of Naxi ancient culture.

Tour Date City Tour Brief
1 Lijiang N/A
2 Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Shuhe Old Town
3 Lijiang Lijiang Old Town, Mu Family Mansion, Black Dragon Pool, Dongba Culture Museum

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