LJ-002: 4-Day Lijiang Tour Package

  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,Lijiang City
  • Jade Dragon Snow Mountain,Lijiang City
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge,Lijiang City
  • First Bend of the Yangtze River,Lijiang City
  • Lijiang Old Town,Lijiang City
  • Mu Family Mansion,Lijiang City
  • Tour code: LJ-002
  • Tour Type: City Tours
  • Destinations: Lijiang
  • Tour overview: Make an all-side exploration of the fascinating Lijiang, with the most popular attractions – Charming Lijiang Old town, limpid Black Dragon Pool, fine Mu Family Mansion, steepy Tiger Leaping Gorge…


1. Cable car journey up to the cloud-caped jade Snow Mountain to see the stunning scenery.

2. Look around the less touristy Shuhe Old Town – one of the earliest settlements of Naxi people - with more original characters.

3. Take a trekking along the Tiger Leaping Gorge amid dramatic cliffs and waterfalls.

4. Admire the breathtaking view of the extraordinary 180-degree V-shaped bend at First Bend of the Yangtze River.

5. Wander about Lijiang Old town and give a glimpse into Naxi culture and history.

6. Tour to Mu Family Mansion, for its spectacular buildings from different dynasties or exquisite Naxi-style handicrafts.

7. Visit Dongba Culture Museum – the witness of Naxi ancient culture.

Tour Date City Tour Brief
1 Lijiang N/A
2 Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Shuhe Old Town
3 Lijiang Tiger Leaping Gorge, Stone Drum Town, First Bend of the Yangtze River
4 Lijiang Lijiang Old Town, Mu Family Mansion, Black Dragon Pool, Dongba Culture Museum

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