Luoyang, an ancient city has great significance in Chinese history, Buddhism and martial arts, boasts splendid sites and famed Peony flowers. It is once the eastern point of the ancient Silk Road with the first Buddhist temple - white horse temple built there; and the magnificent Longmen cave, renowned for the exquisitely Buddhist carvings and sculptures.

Many Kongfu fans also flood into Luoyang for attending trainings on Chinese martial arts with Shaoling temple nearby as the birthplace. All in all, just take a Luoyang trip to enjoy the grand world cultural and heritage sites and beautiful Peony!

  • LY-001: 3-Day Luoyang History Tour

    Shaolin Temple,Dengfeng

    Tour code: LY-001
    Places visited: Luoyang
    Tour overview: This tour takes you into the amazing ancient capital of Luoyang and gives you the chance to visit th... Details

  • LY-002: 2 Nights 3 Days Luoyang Tour

    Longmen Grottoes,Luoyang

    Tour code: LY-002
    Places visited: Luoyang - Dengfeng - Zhengzhou
    Tour overview: Discover Luoyang and nearby Dengfeng on this 3 days Luoyang tours to visit the Longmen Caves, Shaoli... Details

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