Qingdao, known as a "pearl on the Yellow Sea", is surrounded on three sides by water, with Laoshan Mountain as a backdrop. Its fine beaches, pleasant climate and popular beer brewery make it widely appealing to tourists both at home and abroad. Qingdao's architecture presents a typical European style and is very harmonious with the surroundings on the whole. The scenic spots and historic sites include Mt. Lao, the Pier, Badaguan Scenic Area, Taiqing Palace. Especially, Qingdao also hosts many fairs and festivals throughout the year, and the most famous one is the annual Qingdao International Beer Festival.

Qingdao is an ideal destination if you want to combine seaside fun with your trip to China. So, take a Qingdao Tour with ChinaTourHub.com to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Or just tell us your plan and we can customize a trip in Qingdao to fit your specific interest.

  • QD-001: 3-Day Qingdao Tour Package

    Charming Qingdao,Shandong

    Tour code: QD-001
    Places visited: Qingdao
    Tour overview: A 3-day sightseeing tour in and around Qingdao, for the picturesque scenery of Mt. Lao, seaside fun ... Details

  • QD-002: 4-Day Qingdao Tour Package

    Qingdao International Beer Festival,Qingdao

    Tour code: QD-002
    Places visited: Qingdao
    Tour overview: The 4-day Qingdao trip presents all highlights, from the holy Taoist mountain – Mt. Lao, famous Bad... Details

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