SZ-003: 3-Day Suzhou Water Town Tour

  • Grand Canal,Suzhou
  • Grand Canal,Suzhou
  • Garden of Master-of-the-Net,Suzhou
  • Huqiu Pagoda in Tiger Hill,Suzhou
  • Old City Quarter,Suzhou
  • Tongli Water Town,Suzhou
  • Tour code: SZ-003
  • Tour Type: City Tours
  • Destinations: Suzhou
  • Tour overview: This 3-day suzhou tours leads you into the wandering waterways in Suzhou and Tongli, the idyllic destinations featured unique life style, ancient streets and buildings, stone bridges and little boats.


1. Enjoy the exquisitely-built garden in Suzhou, to see the perfect combinations of lakes, rocks, bridges, trees and buildings

2. Visit the silk factory and witness the process of silk producing, learn tips about silk or have some good buy

3. Stand at the bank of the magnificent Grand Canal

4. Ride through the old city quarter of Suzhou and back into history

5. Enjoy the fantastic shows and activities in Tiger Hill Park

6. Take a leisure walk in charming ancient water town Tongli, with endless photography opportunities.

Tour Date City Tour Brief
1 Suzhou Suzhou Old City Gate, Grand Canal
2 Suzhou Garden of the Master of the Nets, No. 1 Silk Factory, Tiger Hill, Suzhou Old City Quarter
3 Suzhou Tongli Water Town

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