Turpan, an oasis city in desert, is exactly the lowest and hottest spot in China. With a history of 2,000 years, it is originally an important place on the Silk Road; and now it becomes a hot tourist spot with unique natural scenery, numerous historical relics and distinctive local customs. The major attractions in and around Turpan include Grape Valley, Flaming Mountain, Emin Minaret, Jiaohe & Gaochang Ancient City Ruins, Astana Ancient Tombs and Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves. What's more, Turpan is crowned with "the land of fruits" being known worldwide for its seedless grapes and melons.

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  • TU-001: 1-Day Turpan Tour Package

    Jiaohe Ruins, Turpan

    Tour code: TU-001
    Places visited: Turpan
    Tour overview: Take the 1-day trip to gat a fascinating glimpse into "old" Turpan with some historical sites – Jia... Details

  • TU-002: 3-Day Turpan Tour Package

    Grape Valley, Turpan

    Tour code: TU-002
    Places visited: Turpan
    Tour overview: Discover Turpan, the legendary oasis city on Silk Road, in action with classic attractions – marvel... Details

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