Wuyishan City

Wuyishan City is a developing tourist city named after the famous mountain (Mount Wuyi) in Fujian Province. The city covers an area of 2,798 square kilometers with a population of 208,000, administering 5 townships, 5 villages and 6 tea farms. The area is endowed with unique tourist resources, having mild climate, beautiful sights and abundant local products, along with a long history and cream of local culture.

In the vicinity of the city, the most popular tourist destination is Wuyi Mountain, the first rank national scenic spot. The Mountain is a picturesque and fascinating scenic attraction with 180 scenic spot and many historical sites. The mountain was added to the List of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, both natural and cultural in 1999. And the cultural sites within the zone include the original cultivation ground of the Dahongpao tea.

Take a cruise on a bamboo raft on the 9-kilometre Nine-Bend Stream to enjoy the enchanting sight of exotic peaks and historical sites. Just select the most interesting or off-beaten track to hike up to the Mount Wuyi! Or tailor-made a Wuyishan Tour with us and get a totally new experience!

  • WY-001: 3-Day Wuyishan Tour Package

    Mount Wuyi Scenic Area,Wuyishan City

    Tour code: WY-001
    Places visited: Wuyishan City
    Tour overview: With the most spectacular and unspoilt scenery in Fujian province, Mount Wuyi Scenic Area is a terri... Details

  • WY-002: 4-Day Wuyishan Tour Package

    Qinglong Waterfalls,Wuyishan City

    Tour code: WY-002
    Places visited: Wuyishan City
    Tour overview: During the 4-day trip, escape to the mountainous scenery of Mount Wuyi. Just walk up to the peak for... Details

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