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Shore Excursions and Yangtze Attractions

Three gorges -
The stunning scenery along the three gorges never fails to appeal to travelers:  Qutang Gorge is famous for the ancient coffins placed on the cliffs and its magnificent precipices; Wu Gorge, with soaring fascinating mountain peaks rising from the riverbanks, is severe and secluded, and presents a panorama of lovely scenery; Xiling Gorge is noted for its numerous hidden rocks and perilous shoals.

Fengdu Ghost City -
lying on the north bank of Yangtze River, Fengdu County got its fame as the city of ghost. It showcase lives underworld, with ancient temples, shrines and terrifying sculptures everywhere. Those statues describe the after-life where people who disobey ancient Chinese morals are punished in every horrifying way. In Chinese Taoism, the social structure in the hell is exactly like that in this world. In hell, a sprit would go through a whole and complete bureaucracy to get the final sentence. The pure spirits would be rewarded and the sinful ones would be severely tortures.

Shibaozhai -
Shibaozhai, which literally means the Stone Treasure Fortress, but some call it the Treasured Stone Stockade or Precious Stone Fortress. The whole building is composed of a gate, gate tower, and an ancient Buddhist temple on the top guards the only path up the mountain. The cultural relics and calligraphy and paintings by famous persons unearthed in Zhong County since the New Stone Age are displayed in the temple hall.

Lesser Three Gorges -
Take a sampan to navigate on Madu River, one of Daning River's branches to enjoy more dramatic scenery on the river banks. The limestone cliffs, hanging coffins, terraced fields, stands of bamboo and towering canyons, and the limpid water, makes it a pleasant journey there.

Shennong Stream -
Drafting along the brook and appreciated the marvelous scenery including zigazagging watercourses, primitive environment, brave boat trackers and their singing…Shennong stream offers 4 gorges; each has its unique characteristic.

White Emperor City -
actually a mini peninsular town scattered with ancient temples and gates, located 8km east of Fengjie County of the western entrance to the Qutang Gorge, by the junction of the Chaotang and Yangtze Rivers. It also collects many excavations that belong to different dynasties.

Three gorges Dam -
the largest hydroelectric complex, and the marvel of engineering. A shore excursion to the dam site that spans the Yangtze River in Sandouping, could helps you more understand its function. It is designed to store over 5 trillion gallons of water and to withstand an earthquake of 7.0 on the Richter scale. Ocean-going vessels of over 10,000 tons will now be able to enter the nation's interior, which will redefine how products and technology move around China.

Zhangfei Temple -
was built to commemorate General Zhang Fei - one of the three sworn blood brothers (the other two are Liu Bei and Guan Yu) of the State of Shu during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280AD). The temple has been relocated due to the Three Gorges Dam Project