China Tour Hub includes "Travel Service Liability" insurance in tour quotations for all the clients who have booked a tour from us. According to the regulations issued by China National Tourism Administration, insurance companies will compensate tourists, or their beneficiaries, for losses in the following situations due to the responsibility of travel service:

If physical injury or death occurs, the insurance must cover related costs of medicines, medical treatment, travel expense and accommodations; The insurance must cover the losses if tourists' belongings are lost, broken or stolen; The insurance must cover the cost for the lawsuit due to the disagreement of liability between the two sides.

The maximum compensation is 160,000 yuan (USD$19,350) for one overseas tourist based on the policy.

For a travel agency state-authorized to handle international tour business, the maximum accumulated compensation in one year or one accident must be 4 million yuan (USD$483,600) or less. In the case of special tour services, travel agencies must work out relevant compensation standards and limits with their insurance companies.

Note:If your domestic health care plans may not be designed to provide coverage while you are out of the country, for the benefit and convenience of our clients, China Tour Hub highly recommends you to pay for some other travel insurance at home since the insurance policies in major western countries are more favorable to clients, which cover a wide range of inconveniences from lost & damage of baggage, to flight delays & cancellations, etc.