Payment guide

Wire transfer
Please follow the steps below to make payment through wire transfer

1. Print out confirmation E-mail and find out how much you need to wire to us for the tour.
2. Find our Bank information either from the same E-mail that your print out just now or below on this page!
3. Call your banks and find out your favorite one, and go to your bank. Don't forget to write our tour code on the transfer sheet. 
4. Please inform us by either E-mail or fax that you have sent the money to our account.

If you choose to make the payment through wire transfer, please be aware that it may take 2 weeks for the money to reach our account. We recommend you do the transfer via Bank of China, as it will reach us more quickly.
1. While making wire transfer, please don't forget to write our tour code on the transfer sheet.
2. Please inform us either by fax or E-mail after you have wired us the money. 
3. Our Bank Information for wire transfer:
4. Beneficiary bank: Bank of China, Guilin (1 Zhong Shan Zhong Road, Guilin, P. R. China)
    Swift number: BKCHCNBJ49C
(Please use this if your bank require ID or Beneficiary Bank, Routing / ABA Number)
    Beneficiary account name: Guilin Overseas Tourist Corporation
    Beneficiary Account: 6210 5748 8514

Credit card
1. Please follow the steps below to make payment through Credit Card
2. Please click to download a form, Print out and fill it.
3. Please have your credit card (Back and front) and the photo page of your passport copied.
4. Please sign your name at the end of the form equivalent to signature on your credit card.
5. Please fax us your credit card information to Chinatourhub.Fax number: ++86-773-3810333;
Note: Bank of China will charge an extra 3% service fee over the cost.
Please be noted that this is a guarantee of your payment, we will NOT charge a deposit until from your card after you deliver a formal booking. We Guarantee your Credit Card Security!