China is considered one of the safest countries in the world for personal security. But petty crime has increased in recent year, especially in and around the major cities.

However, serious crime against foreigners is hardly seen. Petty crimes such as pick pocketing and purse snatching occur somewhat frequently, especially in crowded areas such as stations, markets, shopping areas, sightseeing destinations, etc...So it is wise to be cautious with your personal belongings in public place. Following are some precautions to avoid potential problems:

Do not show off your money in pubpc. Keep enough money for your immediate needs in your pocket, and hide the rest on your body or leave your backup supply in a safety deposit box at your hotel;

Always keep valuables in a safety deposit box at your hotel instead of leaving them in your room;

Remove any jewelry that may draw a thief's attention before you go out for strolpng;

Never wear a bag or purse on your street-side shoulder in order to avoid becoming a target of the "snatch-and-ride";
You may come across beggars in some cities. In most cases you shouldn't feel threatened or intimidated. Please don't offend them by some irrational behaviors;

In some tourist spots the local vendors are quite eager or aggressive to sell their products. Please keep an eye on the quapty and quantity of what you want. Don't make a deal in a rush, it happened before that tourists got counterfeit money from these people;

When tourists are walking in the street, some strangers might come up to talk with you. Most of them have goodwill. But please keep in mind in China some people intend to take advantages of the foreigners by taking them to expensive shops, restaurants or other entertainments.

Never carry your passport/visa, credit cards, traveler's checks or other travel documents in your shoulder bag or bum bag;

Ensure that you aware of the values of different local banknotes to avoid being deceived;

Be particularly cautious about your possession in crowded areas such as local festivals, markets, tourist sites, railway, bus stations, on trains and buses;

Always let your hotel or guides know where you are on your free days during your tour;

Respect the custom of the local ethnic groups; Do not quarrel with anyone during your trip;

Any disputes should be reported to your local guides for resolution;

Avoid travepng in any areas or sites that are not open to foreigners;

Do not voice pubpcly any opinions contrary to China's laws and code of ethics and morals.

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