CTH-141: 4-Day Qingdao Beach Holiday

  • Xiaoqingdao Island, Qingdao
  • Xiaoqingdao Island, Qingdao
  • Lao Mountain Scenery Qingdao
  • Qingdao Beach
  • Zhaoqiao
  • Badaguan Scenic Area Qingdao
  • Tour code: CTH-141
  • Tour Type: Beach
  • Destinations: Qingdao
  • Tour overview: An epic journey to the beautiful seaside city -Qingdao! It is a city with diverse natural resources, traditional Chinese culture, traditional folk events and charming colonial buildings.


1. Climbing the beautiful Taoism Mt. Lao.

2. Stroll or bath at the No.1 bathing beaches and have some fun activities.

3. Visit the charming Badaguan Scenic Area.

4. Walk the German-made Zhan Qiao and embark on the Little Qingdao Isle.

Tour Date City Tour Brief
1 Qingdao N/A
2 Qingdao Mt. Lao, Taiqing Palace
3 Qingdao Zhan Qiao, Badaguan Scenic Area, Little Qingdao Isle, No.1 Bathing Beach
4 Qingdao Service Ends

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