China Eco-ethnic Tours

Eco travel programs in China offer great opportunities and in-depth experiences in the well-preserved areas in China. See the stunning natural scenery in protected areas; engage in the local people's life and explore the historical, environmental and scenically issues on the special tours lead by our professional guide.

Help the locals and prevent their living environment by taking such eco tours, which integrating with exotic cultures, wildlife watching, interesting activities and insight knowledge of China. The most popular destinations are Tibet, Sichuan, Guilin, Guizhou.

  • CTH-127: 18-Day China Eco Tour (Nature Tour, Green Tour)

    Lijiang Old Town

    Tour code: CTH-127
    Places visited: Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Leshan - Emeishan - Lijiang - Kunming - Guilin - Yangshuo - Longji - Hong Kong
    Tour overview: This green program in China takes you from the vibrant city Beijing to the rural countryside of Guil... Details

  • CTH-128: 10-Day Eco Tour to Chengdu and Nearby Area

    Multicolored pool at Huanglong

    Tour code: CTH-128
    Places visited: Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou - Leshan - Mountain Emei - Emeishan
    Tour overview: This is a unique journey through the relaxed Chengdu to surprisingly well-preserved scenic areas and... Details

  • CTH-129: 12-Day Eco Tour to Guizhou and Guangxi

    Dancing with Miao Girls at Jidao Village

    Tour code: CTH-129
    Places visited: Guiyang - Anshun - Kaili - Zhaoxing - Sanjiang - Longji - Guilin - Yangshuo
    Tour overview: This eco-program leads you into the fascinating and unique Guizhou and Guangxi province. In these mo... Details

  • CTH-130: The Mysterious Remoteness of China

    Sanka Grassland Gansu

    Tour code: CTH-130
    Places visited: Lanzhou - Xiahe - Langmusi - Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong - Chengdu - Leshan - Mount Emei - Mountain Emei
    Tour overview: Take this 9 days in-depth adventure to see the remote, peaceful and mysterious southern Gansu and Si... Details

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