CTH-131: 13-Day China Hiking Tour

  • Hiking along the wide wall section - Simatai
  • Hiking along the wide wall section - Simatai
  • See the grand terraces on the top of mountain
  • Ancient City Wall Xian
  • Central Lakes and Towers at Guilin
  • Yangshuo Scenery
  • Tour code: CTH-131
  • Tour Type: Adventure,Culture,History,Hiking/Treking
  • Destinations: Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Longji - Yangshuo - Hong Kong
  • Tour overview: Immerse yourself at this easy-hiking tour while enjoy the natural beauty of every destinations. From the wild, intact great wall sections, flat & wide ancient city wall Xian to the breathtaking rice terraces in Guilin, travel with us and deeply understand about the region, seeing details that usually ignore by tourists, continuing discovery along the walking journey.


1. Pay a visit to Hutong area and walk through the narrow streets to see the life & people there

2. Hiking along the wide wall section - Simatai

3. See the cultural sites in Xian like Terracotta army, Wild Goose Pagoda and old city quarters

4. Walk on the old city wall, and transfer to visit Hangyang Mausoleum

5. Stun at the fascinating rice terraced and further explore the local villages on foot

6. Taking a river cruise down Yangshuo and Hiking along the charming Yulong river

7. Visit the Yao Mount and tea farm, stroll at the city center Guilin

Tour Date City Tour Brief
1 Beijing N/A
2 Beijing Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Hutongs
3 Beijing the Great Wall
4 Beijing - Xian Summer Palace
5 Xian Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses, Big Goose Pagoda
6 Xian - Guilin Xian City Wall, Tomb of Emperor Jingdi
7 Guilin - Longji Longji Rice Terraces
8 Longji - Guilin Reed Flute Cave
9 Guilin - Yangshuo Li River, Moon Hill
10 Yangshuo Yulong River
11 Yangshuo - Guilin - Hong Kong Yao Mount
12 Hong Kong Free time
13 Hong Kong Service Ends

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