CTH-132: East China Hiking Trip

  • Boating on West Lake Hangzhou
  • Boating on West Lake Hangzhou
  • Yuyuan Shopping Area
  • Stunning Peaks on Yellow Mountain
  • Suzhou Old City Quarter
  • Wuzhen Water Town
  • Tour code: CTH-132
  • Tour Type: Adventure,Culture,Climbing/Mountaineering,History,Watertown/Ancient Town
  • Destinations: Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Huangshan
  • Tour overview: A relaxed walking vacation in East China combines with Yellow Mountain trekking! Explore metropolitan Shanghai, tranquil Hangzhou, garden-famed Suzhou and renowned water towns on foot! See more and encounter with local people!


1. Walk and see the ancient and modern feature of Shanghai in The bund, Nanjing Road & Yuyuan Garden

2. Visit the famous gardens in Suzhou and the silk factory

3. Boating on the fascinating West Lake and hike on the Dragon Well Tea Plantation

4. Stroll at the peaceful water town Wuzhen

5. Stroll on the ancient street in Tunxi and admire the Hui-style buildings in Hongcun village

6. Trekking the Yellow Mountain  to see the wonders and stay overnight

Tour Date City Tour Brief
1 Shanghai N/A
2 Shanghai the Bund, Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Garden
3 Shanghai - Suzhou Garden of the Master of the Nets, Suzhou Old City Gate, Grand Canal, No. 1 Silk Factory
4 Shanghai - Hangzhou West Lake, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Dragon Well Tea Plantation
5 Hangzhou Wuzhen Water Town
6 Huangshan Tunxi Old Street
7 Huangshan Yellow Mountain
8 Huangshan Hongcun
9 Huangshan Service Ends

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