China Panda Tours

Giant Panda, the most endangered animals found only in China, it is a hunky, lumbering and lovely creature that lives in the mountainous areas. China Tour Hub boasts Panda-themed tour packages in Chengdu and other areas of Sichuan province, offers close-encounter with cute bamboo bears integrated with interesting activities.

Get close to the panda bears in semi-wild or wild environment in Chengdu or Bifengxia Valley. The unforgettable trip starts from the appearing pandas walking or playing on green land; if you like, you can hold the panda baby or curb and have some memorable shots which are once-in-a-time experience! You want spend more time with panda bears? Just join the volunteer program, wear the uniform of keepers and assist to feeding the pandas or other tasks. On the job, you have more pleasure memory with the panda! Just book a Panda Tours with us!

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