China Senior Tours

For mature travelers, China is a very word depicting magnificent pagodas, mysterious herbs, diversified landscapes, ancient dynasties and emerging capitalism and changes. It is hard to know the real China through kinds of media programs, so many senior travelers are now acting on the desire to tour in China, to sample different cuisines, witness social life and changes and marvel at the old and new landmarks!

China Tour Hub is a professional China tour operator provides worries-free tours for 60+ travelers. The travel itinerary for seniors cover the best worth-visit cities and places at an enjoyable pace, for the purpose that the senior travelers can experience as much as they want in China, while still feeling rested and relaxed.

Seniors' China Tour is an unforgettable journey for family and friends, but also a learning opportunity of lifetime. It is specially designed to meet the needs and comforts of older travelers. You will be served and escorted by our considerate and helpful guide & driver. Come and join us for a fantastic China trip that suits mature tourists, with the care and comfort from China Tour Hub.

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