CTH-150: 15-Day Silk Road Adventure

  • Mogao Cave Dunhuang
  • Mogao Cave Dunhuang
  • Heavenly Lake Xinjiang
  • Id Kah Mosque
  • Grape Valley
  • Echo Sand Mountain
  • Tour code: CTH-150
  • Tour Type: Adventure,Culture,History,Minority,Religious,Silk Road
  • Destinations: Beijing - Xian - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - Kashgar - Shanghai
  • Tour overview: Follow the footsteps of ancient merchants and camel who traveling along the ancient Silk Road, to adventure along the edge of Taklamakan Deserts, fabled oasis, magnificent Tianshan Mountain, vast grassland, magnificent ancient ruins and experience the dramatic sights in northwest China. The improved infrastructure and reduced cost make the renowned Silk Road more asscessible for small group tour, individual, family or friends who want to journey for the splendid civilizations along the trading route.


Beijing (3 nights)
Hiking up the dragon-like Great Wall for about half day; visit the Forbidden City - a large and luxurious emperor's complex and a hutong rickshaw tours takes you into the common Pecking people's life and the ancient narrow laneways.

Xian (2 nights)
Starting point of Ancient Silk Road; travelers can walk or cycle on the ancient city wall to have another view of Xian; marvel at the magical Terra-cotta Worriers and Horses.

Dunhuang(1 night)
Have some fun activity like camel-riding while enjoy the natural wonder that crescent-shaped ponds coexist with grand sand mountain; visit the Mogao Caves, a Buddhism art museum that standing in the cliffs for thousand years.

Discover the ruins of Gaochang city near Turpan and taste the delicious grape in grape valley while enjoy the unique song, dance of Uygur minority.

Go to the Heavenly Lake, a perfectly romantic resort with snow-capped mountain, lake with crystal water, lush pine trees and green grassland.

Kashgar, a well-preserved example of traditional Islamic city; enjoy the grand buildings like Id Kah Mosque and The Abakh Khoja Tomb; If lucky enough, attend the grand bazaar on Sunday, to view the various handy-made craftworks and the buying and selling deals in closely.

Free explore the bustling or old Shanghai.

Tour Date City Tour Brief
1 Beijing N/A
2 Beijing Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Peking Opera Show
3 Beijing the Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Sacred Road
4 Beijing - Xian Hutongs, Xian City Wall
5 Xian Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Bell Tower, Big Goose Pagoda
6 Xian - Dunhuang Yumen Pass, Great Wall of Han Dynasty
7 Dunhuang - Turpan Mogao Caves, Crescent Moon Lake
8 Turpan Gaochang Ruins, Astana Tombs, Flaming Mountains
9 Turpan - Urumqi Karez Underground Irrigation Channels, Emin Minaret, Grape Valley
10 Urumqi Heavenly Lake
11 Urumqi - Kashgar Southern Pasture, Kazakh Yurt
12 Kashgar - Urumqi Id Kah Mosque, Abakh Khoja Tomb
13 Urumqi - Shanghai the Bund
14 Shanghai Free day
15 Shanghai Service Ends

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