China Tea Tours

Chinese tea acts as beverage, pastime, culture icon, and undoubtedly a life time of enjoyment for thousands of years. Tea in China, along with silk and porcelain, spread to the other part of the world through trading routes of Silk Road and Tea & Horse Road.

Experience Chinese tea culture by exploring mist-covered mountains and plantations where legends of tea were born. Guided by our professional travel guide, discover the first-hand mysterious lure of tea and tour the ornate temples, magnificent palaces and historical landmarks.

Join a China Tea Tour with China Tour Hub to visit the charming destinations of tea production featuring diversified traditions saturated with tea elements. A tea cultural tour will start from picking up tea leaves under the guidance of local farmers, and then enjoy the varied processes of making tea products, with a traditional art - tea ceremony performance which showcase the rich content of tea culture finally.

  • CTH-109: 12-Day China Tea Culture Tour

    Picking Tea at Tea plantation Hangzhou

    Tour code: CTH-109
    Places visited: Shanghai - Hangzhou - Wuyishan - Beijing
    Tour overview: From ancient times, Chinese people believed that the practice of tea culture can bring the spirit an... Details

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