About China Visa

If foreigners plan to go to Tibet for a visit, you are supposed to apply for a travel permit only with the approval of the Tourism Administration of the Tibet Autonomous Region or any of its representative offices. Mostly you need to get through all the procedures through a Chinese travel tour operator or agent.

The Chinese government requires that your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the expiry date. There must be at least one totally blank page in the passport. The page for endorsements or amendments cannot be a visa page.

Under most circumstances, China Tour Hub is not responsible for your visa arrangements. After the clients decide to make a tour booking with Chinatourhub.com (Guilin Overseas Tourist Corporation) and drop us a deposit, we will be obliged to offer you an invitation letter by either scanned version or fax version for visa application at your home country. Visa application fee is on your own expense.

Some tourists can also apply for the tourist visa after arrival in Hong Kong; it takes 2 working days to get the China visa fast and convenient.

For more visa info, please email our travel specialist. Thanks!