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How to make a booking

Based on a mutual understanding and exchange, the clients write to express their interest of making a tour with Chinatourhub.com.
The travel specialists of Chinatourhub will give the clients a quick response and confirm again with you about the programs. As far as we are concerned, if you book the international flights at home or on internet, you usually can get a better rate than we can do in China. So Chinatourhub.com highly recommend you to check with your travel agent at home or Internet for an ideal price.

We will make the domestic reservations first, and reply you with a formal tour confirmation. After that, clients are required to pay a deposit or full payment of the tour cost depending on the travel date, via either credit card or bank transfer.

The contacts of China Tour Hub:
Contact us
For different purposes, please select your favorite way to contact us:
Send us an emailfor more travel info;
Chinatourhub offers a booking form for you to make a reservation with us;
To book a hotel or other transportation services, please email to our service center

Make a phone call or fax to us
Office phone: (0086) 773- 3810888; 3810555
Emergency call: 13907835111/ 13978313051
Fax: (0086) 773-3810333
Our office hour (GMT+0800): 9:00 - 18:00

Chat with us
MSN: etc_wei#hotmail.com (# stands for @ to avoid spams)
ricky_yy2#hotmail.com (# stands for @ to avoid spams)
Skype: easytour or ricky_easytourchina
Visit us in the office or send us a letter

Our address:
Euro & The Americas Dept.
Guilin Overseas Tourist Corporation
110 Zhishan Road, Guilin, China 541002