Cruise Ships is offering the renowned ships like Victoria Cruises (7 ships), Orient Royal (2 ships), Regal (3 ships), Dragon (4 ships), etc., as well as other cruise ships, totally up to 60 plus ships at a affordable rate in 2010.

River cruise ships are smaller and not so luxury than ocean vessels, but the basic facilities and professional service and stunning scenery still also help to create pleasant memory. A Yangtze River cruise ensures a safe and comfortable ride as the ships are specially designed to navigate the mighty Yangtze!

Victoria Cruise - 7 Ships

Victoria Cruise

Note: Victoria Prince sails between Chongqing & Shanghai, while other Victoria vessels run ride between Chongqing & Yichang.

President Series - 8 Ships

President Series

Note: President No.1 is the only 5 star in President Series.

Dragon Cruise - 4 Ships

Dragon Cruise

East King - % Ships

East King

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Sandy's Onboard Experience

Cruise on the Yangtse River – very very nice crew on the East King, everyone was friendly and greeted you as you walked by; the food are good, with western buffet or Chinese dishes, fresh fruit and vegetable available; the welcome aboard cocktail party held at the first night was impressive and I also attended the Taichi lesson demonstrated by kind master...We had too much pleasant memory onboard and only can recommend it!!!! More reviews

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